RIN and SCONUL announce RILADS project into Information Literacy and Digital Scholarship

SCONUL and Research Information Network (RIN) have announced they are co-funding a year-long research project into delivery of Information Literacy and Digital Scholarship. The project aims to deliver a small number of key outputs contributing to a wider investigation into the support available to students, staff and researchers to enhance digital literacy and will actively seek input from the community in nominating examples of good practice.

There are two strands to the project. One is co-ordinated by Research Information Network (RIN) on behalf of Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition (RIDLs), the other by SCONUL under the JISC Developing Digital Literacies (DDL) programme. The RIN strand focuses on the identification and promotion of good practice in information handling and data management training and development across the HE and research sectors. The scope will relate specifically to HE researchers from postgraduate students to senior researchers (including supervisors). The SCONUL strand aims to identify, harvest, and use materials to progress the development of digital professional expertise.

It is anticipated that the SCONUL strand will identify gaps in provision and efforts will be made to make proposals on how these might best be filled. These proposals will be targeted towards SCONUL members and other information professional stakeholders in an effort to guide them in developing and maintaining services and resources which enable digital scholarship.

The project is led by Stephane Goldstein of RIN and Alison Mackenzie of SCONUL, and project officer is consultant Charlie Inskip. Project updates and detail can be found at Twitter (@RILADS) and https://rilads.wordpress.com. Charlie will be actively gathering examples of good practice over the next few months with a view to disseminating results in the New Year.

For more information and to give recommendations of good practice examples, contact:

Dr Charlie Inskip

Gmail: inskiprilads@gmail.com

Twitter: @RILADS / Blog: https://rilads.wordpress.com


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