Updating good practice examples

I’d like to build on and update work done by RIN’s Information Handling Working Group (2010) who identified 13 examples of good practice in information handling

  1. Cardiff University staff workshop on citations
  2. Cardiff University IL workshops in Graduate Centre’s Research Students Skills Development Programme
  3. Glasgow Caledonian University IL workshops for PhD students
  4. LSE MI512 IL Tools for Research
  5. Loughborough University Finding Research Information for Research postgraduates course
  6. Loughborough University RefWorks course
  7. Loughborough University Plagiarism course
  8. Newcastle University – research support
  9. Nottingham University – Pathway2Information
  10. Nottingham University – Library Garden in Second Life
  11. Oxford University – History librarian learning events
  12. University of Southampton – submitting a thesis electronically
  13. University of York – Skills Forge

and additionally, from the VITAE database of practice in information literacy:

  1. University of Leicester  Library training
  2. University of Durham Critical evaluation of research information
  3. University of Leeds Researcher@Library
  4. University of Durham – Finding and managing information for your PhD – joint Library and ITS training

I am looking at a wide range of sources to identify new examples of similar materials to add to and update this list in an attempt to make it comprehensive and useful. If you are aware of any initiatives please get in touch via the blog, Twitter (@RILADS) or gmail (inskiprilads@gmail.com).


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