CILIP Umbrella conference, Manchester, Jul 2/3 2013

Charlie Inskip will be speaking at CILIP Umbrella conference on Wednesday July 3 at 1545 in room 1.219:

Are librarians delivering good practice in information literacy for postgraduates in UK Higher Education?

This paper presents breaking results from a Research Information Network / SCONUL collaborative project investigating support available to students, staff and researchers to enhance digital literacy in UK Higher Education. Formal criteria are used to describe, review and evaluate practice in information literacy and digital scholarship training in order to: provide a structured and recognised way of presenting such interventions in online resources and demonstrate their value, assess their suitability and usefulness as transferable resources, and identify how success has been measured, how needs have been met, and the outputs and outcomes of the courses or resources. The resources are mapped to Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework and SCONULS Digital Literacy lens. The findings from the research are discussed, focussing on the importance of librarians in designing and delivering innovative resources that meet user information needs, and the positive impacts of the outcomes of the delivery of identified resources. User feedback and awareness of a wider stakeholder context are discussed as important aspects of delivering good practice in life-long learning skills. It is anticipated that amongst the positive impacts of this research are that it will identify trends in provision and encourage good practice in information literacy and digital scholarship delivery.

Slides will be uploaded after the conference.


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