On The Move: update

on_the_move1We’ve been collecting and analysing data for a while now for On The Move. Once we received our funding notification from the CILIP Information Literacy Group last year we quickly approached our contacts in the City and arranged numerous interviews with insurance practitioners, asking them about ‘effective information use’ in the profession. We also asked a small number of students who were planning to work in business after graduation about the same topic.

Since then we’ve been coding and analysing the texts and considering how what our participants said in relation to other research, particularly Marc Forster’s work on nursing (Forster, M. (2015) Six ways of experiencing information literacy in nursing: The findings of a phenomenographic study. Nurse Education Today, 35(1), 195-200. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2014.06.005 is a good start). We realised that what our participants were talking about wasn’t dissimilar to the nurses in Forster’s study, so we started to map the insurance comments to his model.

We’ve spent quite a while doing this and have used these findings to start to develop a support tool for people transitioning into insurance employment from higher education, or developing their information practices through CPD. It works a bit like a personality test, using Forster’s categories. We tried this out in paper form at the LILAC conference ‘Lagadathon‘ and got some very helpful feedback. We then tried a revised version at the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) Information Literacy and the Digital University event on Friday May 5th 2017 and got some more feedback. We went back to the test and did some more quite radical tinkering.

We’ve now got a draft online version, which Sophia Donaldson’s going to present at the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) conference in Las Vegas, NV (June 6 – 9 2017). Charlie Inskip will be taking it along to the SLA (Special Librarians Conference) in Phoenix, AZ (June 16 – 20 2017). We’ll also be speaking at the ECIL (European Conference on Information Literacy) in September and we’re planning to organise a workshop at UCL in the autumn.

Slides and links will appear here shortly.


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