What happens in Vegas…informs our research

Guest blog from Co-investigator in On The Move: Dr Sophia Donaldson, UCL Careers.


Last week I  presented On The Move to higher education careers professionals, and a small number of employers, at the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) annual conference in Las Vegas, NV. Just like me before this project, most of them had never heard of information literacy, so the first task was to introduce this important concept and set of skills. Careers professionals know there’s a gap between skills used in education and employment, because employers tell us all the time! So this wasn’t news to the NACE audience. But they seemed interested in our mission to explore and detail the gap more thoroughly. They were also interested in how our findings could be used to convince academics of the importance of helping students better prepare for the workplace.
I also used the NACE workshop (‘Transitioning University Information Skills Into the Workplace’) as an opportunity to test drive the online version of our quiz. It’s still a work in progress, so the useful feedback gathered from participants has led to sensible changes. Charlie Inskip will use the updated version when he presents the work later this week at SLA (Special Librarians Association conference) in Phoenix, AZ (June 16 – 20 2017).

Photos and text: Sophia Donaldson

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